We always abide  by the  rules and regulations   of Bangladesh  Labor Act  and  pay all types  of  benefits  to  our  employees   i.e. minimum wages, overtimes,  festival  bonuses, leave and maternity   benefits. We give medical support to our employees, provide safety equipment’s in workplace & regularly train on first aid and firefighting. We do not tolerate any type of unlawful conduct including discrimination, intimidation and harassment. We use SWIFT cards to maintain daily attendance, which allows us to be transparent to our workers in calculation of their salary, overtime, benefits. A well maintained child care facility ensures food and nursing to children of age below 6 of our workers. We strongly stand against the use of child labor and forced labor.

We adhere to a collaborative, consultative approach in our communities by supporting innovative programs in health, education, environments, cultural and also civic projects.

We believe in having a mutually beneficial relationship with the community.